Looking for a show that will increase attendances and appeal to both Mums and Dads?

​A show that will not only Entertain but Enlighten?

Contact show creator and MC Justin Karcher for details - 0410 248 587

The Family Show is a high demand show that has a Sporting Legend for Dads, a Parenting/Family Expert for Mum’s, and the whole family will appreciate our very funny and experienced MC Comic. All this combined with 2 Children’s entertainers to keep the kids excited, allows Mum and Dad to enjoy a great night out!

This PG rated show will not only be the usual fun of a Sportie Show but also give Mum's and Dad's a chance to listen to experts give advice about how to parent in this ever-changing cyber world our kids live in. The sporting legends, show creator and MC Justin Karcher, and the experts are all parents so there'll be a healthy discussion on stage with much interaction and questions from the audience. The aim of the show is to create a relaxed and entertaining environment, making sure Mum's and Dad's take home some great parenting and relationship tips on top of their Sportie night out. 

This is a magnificent high demand community service event the club will be congratulated for conducting.

The show can be geared as a successful fundraiser with our legendary $2500+ Cashback and support offer. This means you receive a low cost show that appeals to a wide demographic, bringing even more people to your venue.

The Show runs from 6pm to 9pm Friday and Saturday nights, and noon to 3pm Sundays.

We suggest you charge $20 for a kids ticket that includes a meal, they'll have a ball with the 2 entertainers and be nice and worn out in time for the trip home to bed. Two kids tickets will be less than the cost of a babysitter!

Please contact us now to secure your preferred booking date. We can work with you to promote this event ensuring great attendance and more patrons visiting the club resulting in more members joining.

Contact show creator and MC Justin Karcher for details - 0410 248 587